The Mandelbrot iPad app is an e-Learning application that educates the viewer about the life and work of Benoit Mandelbrot, the re-known French/American mathematician. Mandelbrot demonstrated the visual beauty of formula and thus help to make math more approachable and interesting.

The Mandelbrot iPad app consists of three distinct sections to explore, delivering personal and technical information centered around Mandelbrot's fractal theory and it's real world applications. The app created with Flash Professional CS5.5 with Air for iOS, which compiles to a native .ipa file format. This .ipa version can then be submitted to Apple's iTunes making it available for download once approved.

The initial Intro section sets the mood and contains a single call-to-action button to direct to user to the next step without fail...

The Biography section contains four subsection about Benoit's life - awards for his achievements, books he authored, personal background information, and important research he was involved with. Using graceful motion graphics, the content is presented in an elegant fashion. The menu system in this section allows for non-linear interaction, allowing the viewer to jump around the content.

The Create section presents a small fractal explorer for the viewer to use to experiment with a fractal themselves. The user is given the ability to zoom in or out, pan right, left, up, and down. Different mapping data allow the visual appearance of the fractal. The user can then save the view port image to the iPad's cameraroll.

The Nature slide show gallery section presents the viewer with zooming photos and descriptions of various occurrences of fractals existing in our natural world. Navigation in this section can be accomplished with the thumbnails or the traditional prev-next buttons.

The Mandelbrot iPad app tool-set consists of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Flash Professional.

Type: e-Learning
Skills: Flash|Photoshop|Illustrator
Deliverables: iOS App