Wind Power America is an e-Learning application that educates the viewer about wind power in the USA. Wind Power America consists of six distinct areas to study, delivering technical information about wind power and it’s real world applications. The initial Intro section introduces the application through a mission statement and acknowledges the governmental agencies supporting wind power advancement. During this introductory animation, the embedded Flash file communicates with the browser DOM (window) and calls a javascript function that changes the background pattern. The How Wind Power Works section uses an animated 3d model to move through eights steps explaining how the wind turbine captures wind energy, processes it in the turbine motor, and passes it to nearby power stations and other areas of the electric grid. The Wind Maps section uses a movable magnify lens for the viewer to use to examine the wind maps of the United States land and water. The Wind Farms Slideshow Gallery section uses a Polaroid photo metaphor for it’s thumbnails, which are dynamically sized and downloaded depending on what images exist on the server folder. The slideshow can run manually or on automatic, and the transition speed can be adjusted by the viewer. The Wind Power Video section can deliver six available streaming videos with this custom player. This is a powerful way to learn about a variety of wind power issues.

Type: Game
Skills: Flash|Photoshop|Vector
Deliverables: Flash SWF|html