Mediterranean Diet Tips

Mediterranean Diet Tips is a HTML5 component created with Adobe Edge Animate that educates the user about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. The eight "tips" cover a variety of subjects ranging from whole grains to olive oil. Each "tip" displays it’s textual content as well as stylized illustrations representing first the old way and then the Mediterranean way. The Mediterranean Diet Tips component also contains a menu for non-linear navigation through the tip sections. Hideable Food Pyramid and Whole Grain diagrams present themselves on request.


Pomegranate is a HTML5 component created with Adobe Edge Animate that communicates content about the benefits of consuming pomegranates. The six base catagories are fetal, heart, stomach, depression, teeth, and cancer. Each section displays it’s textual information in three steps, fading out and in with the new data. The data can easily be modified externally with a simple JSON file. The Pomegranate component also opens to reveal a inside look at the pomegranate anatomy. Also included are buttons that link to more pomegranate info on Google or Wikipedia.

Man : Moon : Apollo

Man:Moon:Apollo is an application that walks the user, step by step, through NASA's 1969 Apollo 11 moon mission timeline. From liftoff to splashdown and the first moon walk in between, each step presents information and visuals describing the state of the mission. The application includes interactivity, motion graphics and dynamic information charts that present an enjoyable educational experience.

The Scientists

The Scientists is an interactive e-learning component built on web standards with Adobe Edge Animate CC. The Scientists enables the viewer to access information about eight historically monumental inventions and their inventors with a motion orientated interface.

Zombie Face Builder

Zombie Face Builder is an interactive component built on web standards with Adobe Edge Animate CC. Zombie Face Builder enables the user to assemble a custom zombie face by dragging and dropping facial feature parts from included libraries. The libraries include hair, eyes, ears, noses, and mouth features.

Cocktail Trends

Cocktail Trends is an interactive component built on web standards with Adobe Edge Animate CC. Cocktail Trends instructs the user on how to mix the five most popular cocktails trending on Google as of September 2013. The recipe list includes the Martini, Bloody Mary, Manhattan, Mint Julep, and Mai Tai.

Chaos iPad Application

Chaos is a generative art application for iOS, running on the iPad. Chaos enables the user to create randomly generated abstract art compositions, and then save them to the iPad's cameraroll for future usage. Use your compositions as desktop wallpapers, or share with others. Adjust the amount of objects used, as well as the color hue of the artwork. Compositions are created in an animated fashion, gradually and gracefully rendered to the screen. Warning to users - this app can be addicting!

The Great Depression e-Learning Application

The Great Depression is a Flash e-learning application. The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding World War II. It was the longest, most widespread, and deepest depression of the 20th century, and is an example of how far the world's economy can decline...

Duo Cylinder Product Demo

The Duo Cylinder Product Demo is an interactive product demonstration built in with the Flash CS5 IDE. The application's main focus is the cylinder visuals, created with 3d modeling. The app steps through the new animated product features manually or on autoplay, had ambient bg sound, as well the ability to connect to online resources.

Energy Sources e-Learning Application

Energy Source is an online Flash application provides information about various types of energy. The information is presented in a console, featuring characters that represent various types of energy. The console may be powered on or off, and features a dial a navigation system.

PJI Website Tour

Well, I finally got around to rebuilding the PJI website from the bottom up in Actionscript 3.0. The main reasons for the rebuild were better performance and maintainability, of course, as well as subtle refinements to the graphic assets and their motion design. It was part of a overall streamlining of the procedure used to put on PJI's public face, along with the incorporation of SEO, deep linking, and social media. Using OOP coding best practices, the new code architecture is loosely coupled and much easier to extend. Another big addition is the Illustration portfolio section, which uses Javascript's jQuery framework to generate an accordian menu and light box portfolio sections. I have had a lot requests to show specific portfolio images at a large size – something that the slideshow in the Flash site doesn't do. Ad pages, landing pages, freebies galleries, and newsletters were are now unified in the "seminar lobby' style design look.